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Farmhouse Vase

I hope you’ve been enjoying this wonderful weather we’ve been having lately! Are you looking for a quickView full post »

Five Dollars, WELL spent!

I’m so excited to share my side table rescue with you. I saved this little cutie from a local thrift store. When IView full post »

Rustic Window Mirror

Last summer I was poking around my local Re-Store and found a fantastic pile of used windows for $5 each! (If you areView full post »

Quick Fix!

This past Christmas I upgraded my little hand mixer to a stand mixer (yipee!!) and, as much I love it, I had no idea howView full post »

Sweet, Sweet Sunshine!

Ugh! Are you as tired of these dark, overcast, dreary days as I am? Finally this morning it seems the sun is trying toView full post »

Getting Down & Dirty

For the month of January, I’m working on kitchen projects, big and small, as much as possible. Today I’mView full post »

Let’s Start Small

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t you love to cover your home in Christmas cheer? Unfortunately,View full post »

Handmade Gifts - Quilt

Generally speaking, we all love the idea of handmade things. However, folks tend to turn up their noses at handmadeView full post »

Bat Craft Crazy!

Have you had your fill of pumpkins yet? Maybe you’re looking for some new Halloween ideas. Well, aroundView full post »

Halloween Tea-Towels

At this point, if you enjoy decorating for Halloween, your home is completed covered in Spooky-goodness! EachView full post »

Free Pumpkins!

Well, darn it!! Talk about late to the party. If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest in the last few days,View full post »

You scored an old ladder, now what do you do?

Early this summer, while out hunting and gathering (thrift store style!) I got lucky enough to find and old painter&#View full post »

Mini-Garland Wall Detail

It’s been such a dreary, wet day today. I can’t help but be excited by the prospect of staying in thisView full post »

It’s Fall!

Hello, my sweet friends. I hope you’re excited about fall as we are around here. G has been trying to sneak out ofView full post »

Simple Autumn Wreath

I hope you enjoyed last week’s Fall Home Tours. It was really exciting to be part of such a great group. The bestView full post »

School Calendar 2015-2016

Here we’ve been back to school almost 2 weeks and if you’re in an area that’s not back in school yet,View full post »

Laying It All Out!

A while back I had a question from a blog-fan about how I did the layout for my “Geek-Chic” sign.View full post »

Quick & Simple Vintage Poster Display

The summer is slowly coming to an end and I’m so excited for fall. It’s so hard to keep working on thingsView full post »

Jewelry Storage

Do you ever find yourself cruising through Pinterest projects thinking “hmmm, something like this would work greatView full post »

Back to School - Lunchbox Notes

Saturday Style will be back next week. With the new school season just around the corner, I want to share a collectionView full post »

Throwback Thursday - Soap Dispenser

For today’s Throwback Thursday I wanted to share a project that was one of my very first. And, I still useView full post »

Strategic Picture Ledge

Part of my master plan for the TV wall included adding artwork and finding a way to camouflage that weird, column,View full post »

Beaded Necklace

Who doesn’t love a big statement necklace? Generally, I’m not really a big jewelry person. Mainly because IView full post »

12 Patriotic Projects to Celebrate the 4th of July

Hope the week hasn’t been too hot for you. It’s a scorcher around here. Hopefully it will cool off aView full post »

Rustic Geek-Chic Sign

Ok, I know this is a little different but hear me out. A while back it was pointed out to me that I had maybe overdoneView full post »

Here Comes Summer!

I hope you have enjoyed the digital wallpapers from Spring but it’s time for a some Summer sunshine! (I can hardlyView full post »

Rope Swing

So excited to share a new project today. We’ve been working in the yard for weeks now on different projects and inView full post »

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Good morning! Summer is kicking off with a blast. Hope you had a wonderful first weekend. We kicked things off byView full post »

Knock-Off Shelf Tutorial

It all started with 2 metal Ikea shelving units ($14.99 each) and a stack of pallet wood and a few left-over 2×4&#View full post »

DIY Shelves

Don’t you love it when you’ve been thinking about finishing a project for so long and you FINALLY get toView full post »

Chalkboard Printable Project

I’m sure by now you’ve seen 2-3 hundred chalkboard tutorials but I finally had a chance to change my kitchenView full post »

Glass Vase with Gold Trim

Hi! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some warm weather this week. I’ve been finding it hard to stay insideView full post »

Perfect Timing

The best DIY projects come from needing something that doesn’t exist, right? What about when you need somethingView full post »

An Invitation to Brunch

This week I’ve been working on various client artwork (Wedding season is gearing up, after all) as well as aView full post »

Book Page Art

Holy Wow, this week flew by! I’ve been planning a mini-party for G’s birthday party Saturday and my head isView full post »

Lavender Hand Scrub

Today’s post is for a recipe and tutorial with an added printable bonus! And, it make for a lovely Mother’sView full post »

Build Your Own Window Ledge

I’m so excited to finally share my new window ledge project! A few weeks back I posted a teaser pic on InstagramView full post »

Mini Storage Ottoman

A few years back I managed to stumble on this adorable orange chair at a thrift store for a whopping $25! I’veView full post »

Spice Labels

  *This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions presented are my own. Ok, so word is, you allView full post »

Spice Rack DIY

Here’s a quick kitchen Spice-Up! Starting with a sweet little spice rack idea. I’ve been wanting one for aView full post »

Opening A Window

Pinterest Project! Today I wanted to feature a project that I found on Pinterest. Since, like most of us, I have aView full post »

Produce bag

A while back I created a set of sturdy and cute little shopping bags to take help reduce the number of plastic bags inView full post »

Spring is Here!

Yeah! Spring is here! Ok, well, sort of. Folks in some parts of the country are still neck deep in winter/hell but atView full post »

Grocery List and Bonus Project

Finally!  I’ve picked up my pens and paints and started doing some sketching again. I’m working on lots ofView full post »

Wasted Spaces

Don’t you hate it when you have something that you keep losing track of because it doesn’t have a properView full post »

Monogram Pillow - made with iron on paper

Monogram Pillow

I know, silly right? I found this adorable traffic fabric at the Lobby and snatched it up not even where I would use itView full post »

New Window Panes

Ok, this may be more of a do as I say, not do as I do tutorial.  I started off by opening the large window in the backView full post »

Quick and easy way to make your built in fixtures blend in to your darker walls.

Making Lemonade

This is all about being stuck with a pair of ugly old lemons and making lemonade, Or something like that . . . Do youView full post »

Dining Room Shelves

I’ve never been much of a “formal” dining room kind of girl. But I’m not quite sure how I wantView full post »

Bunting Pillow How-to

Here’s the How-To for the bunting pillow from earlier this week. Start off by cutting and sewing your buntingView full post »

Golden Elephant

I’ve had the most fun putting together this project. But, I honestly feel like it needs one more detail. Color!View full post »

DIY Doorknob Backplate

When we were working on the kitchen, I wanted our pantry doors to be more like French doors. So, our contractor took aView full post »

Valentine’s Day wreath

Doesn’t it seem like we just finished Christmas? And we’re already looking at February, Yikes! I’veView full post »

Goin’ Shopping

Every time I go to the grocery store and come out with a heap of plastic bags I grumble all the way home about it. We reView full post »

Pillow Rosettes

I love, love, love the shades of white, cottage chic, clean and simple trend.  (Think Joanna Gaines or Sarah RichardsonView full post »


So now for the shadowbox from Tuesday’s butterfly project. I’m planning to add more butterflies to my littleView full post »

Mounted Butterfly

This may seem like an odd project but I really love the feel of nature inside the house. I’ve been seeing a lot ofView full post »

Sweater Re-mix

I do not profess to be much of a seamstress but I sure do fake it ok.  And, as luck would have it, Hubbs got me a newView full post »

Kitchen Cabinet - Rast Hack

Welcome to my foray into the world of Ikea hacking.  This is probably the most hacked Ikea item so it seemed likeView full post »

Butterfly Quote

Here we go, it’s a new year and time for a fresh start.  I started work on carving out a little office space inView full post »

Gold Cocktail Tray

Happy New Year! I won’t be posting tomorrow but in honor of tonight I thought I’d share a sweet littleView full post »

Chalkboard Organizing Center

Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you organized for the new year. This is one of my favorite parts of my kitchenView full post »

Printable Christmas Sign

This time of year Hubby and G get a little over-loaded with my sappy-Christmas “spirit”. Or, considering IView full post »

10 minute wreath project

So, I’ve been worrying over a new wreath project since before Halloween. I’ve poured through different ideasView full post »

Kitchen Pin Board

For today, I wanted to share a project that does double duty for me.  The electrical panel for our house is smackView full post »

Glitter Garland

Oh Joy! This is much easier than it looks. It takes a lot of drying time and all the glitter and string was a bitView full post »

Kitchen containers with Christmas cheer

We have more family coming for holiday visits this year than usual and I feel a bit more pressure to spread a littleView full post »

Christmas Cards 2014

Ok, so in all fairness I’ve spent the last several years doing cards and labels for clients all over the countryView full post »

Lovely Soap Dispenser

I’ve been so excited about this project but  waited until the kitchen was finished to put it together. I spent aView full post »

Minimal Wreath

I created this project to help add a few touches of gold to my living room and I actually use it year round (the ribbonView full post »

Rolling Trash-Can

A 15 minute trash can project that makes your kitchen work so much smarter!View full post »

Thanksgiving Printables

I know I’m going a little overboard with gray-scale details lately but I’m super excited to offer a free &#View full post »

Festive Fonts

Are you designing your own Christmas cards this year? Or, maybe another Christmas project? Here is a selection ofView full post »

Kitchen Tour part 2

Here’s the rest of the tour. . .View full post »

Pretty Supplies

I’m super excited to share some of the artwork I’ve been working on lately but, in the meantime, here’View full post »

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