Lovely Soap Dispenser

I’ve been so excited about this project but waited until the kitchen was finished to put it together. I spent a while looking for the perfect bottle shape and fell in love with the vintage-y look of this tequila bottle.

I used the pump from an empty soap bottle (but you can purchase new ones online) and converted it to use in my bottle using a length of tubing from the plumbing department at Home Depot. I brought the tube from the old pump with me to find the correct size. The new tube is flexible and I cut it long so the it lays on the bottom of the bottle really well.

The cork was a larger size that I purchased from a craft store. I soaked mine in water for about an hour before I started to make working with the cork a little easier. It was a tight squeeze even after it soaking so I trimmed it to fit using an exacto blade. For the hole in the center, I used a drill with a bit just larger than the tubing size. Then, I used a slightly larger bit to make the top part of the hole fit the pump itself.

Since everything fits snugly I didn’t use any glue so that it would make it easier to fill and re-fill. (Luckily I had a small funnel on hand to fill the bottle.) The bottle is nice and heavy so it makes it good and sturdy for the back of the sink. It’s also super practical, as it holds a large bottle of soap without needing a re-fill for quite a while.

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