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Chalkboard Printable Project

I’m sure by now you’ve seen 2-3 hundred chalkboard tutorials but I finally had a chance to change my kitchen chalkboard and I thought I’d share a printable template that you can use as well as how to use it and fix it!

Chalkboard project with printable guide

Start by printing the template (on multiple pages) and tape together using the guides. (see directions below)

Chalkboard - printable (Select pic for printable file)

To prepare the template flip on the back and shade over the lines with chalk. Try to keep it as close to the lines as possible so that you won’t have too much dust to rub off onto the board while you’re working.

Chalkboard 2

Measure your chalkboard and draw a level line with a center point along the top to guide where you place template. The guidelines that print on the pages will also help with centering the template on your board. Lay the template in place and tape down with painter’s tape or masking tape.


Chalkboard 3

With a ball point pen (a colored pen helps) trace over the letters to transfer the chalk to the board.  I recommend working top to bottom and left to right , or right to left, if you’re left-handed. Now, carefully remove the template from your board by “peeling” it from one side to the other.


Chalkboard 4

No you can go back in and fill in your guide lines. Piece O’ Cake!! Don’t worry if you color outside of the lines, we’re going to fix that later.


Chalkboard 5

You can see in my close-up pics where things got a little wonky. When you are completely finished you can use a small (cheap) paintbrush with a little clean water to clean up the stray spots and make your lines a little straighter. I suggest dabbing off the excess water onto a paper towel before starting as this will help avoid water running down your board. (Yes, that happened. Yes, I was hoppin’ mad.) But, it’s just chalk and water so it’s not too tough to go bad clean clean up any mistakes.

I’d love to see pics of your chalkboard projects! feel free to share your chalkboard story on my Facebook page! (If you have a project on your blog feel free to link directly to your blog.)

To Print:

  • 1. Save the printable PDF to your computer. Then open file and select the “Print” option.
  • 2. On the “Print” screen you should be able to select the option to print “Poster”.  And set the “Overlap” option to .25 and make sure tile scale is set to 100%. (The “Overlap” will help you put the pages together using the guidelines.)
  • 3. Set the number of pages to print to “All” and Print!

Chalkboard tutorial with printable


I’m linking up over at Metamorphosis Monday

Jennifer (White Tulip Designs) - 05/19/2015 - 10:48 pm

Cute! (I love the pink!) Please feel free to add a link to it on my Facebook page!

Sunnefa - 05/19/2015 - 12:30 pm

I love your printable! I made a similar post on my blog just last week, that printable was for a bathroom decoration 🙂 I didn’t think of the paintbrush with water for clean up though, great tip!

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