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It’s Fall!

Hello, my sweet friends. I hope you’re excited about fall as we are around here. G has been trying to sneak out of the house every morning bundled up in the cold weather clothes we bought for back to school (in August!) Then, I when I pick him up in the afternoon, he’s dragging the jacket behind him and sweating like a racehorse. And, sure as I’m sitting here, when it finally does get cold we’ll arguing over the fact that adding a sweatshirt does not make shorts appropriate winter apparel . . . EVEN in South Carolina!

Anyway, here we sit patiently waiting for leaves to start changing into crisp shades of red and gold. How’s the weather where you are? Still frustratingly warm? Well, at least we can enjoy the last straggling summer flowers before the cooler weather sweeps them away.

As always, since today is the first day of the season, I’m sharing a collection of free digital wallpapers. If you’re new to White Tulips you can look back and download wallpapers and other printables from past seasons here!


Fall 2015 - Free Digital Wallpapers -White Tulip Designs


Don’t you just love sunflowers? This one comes from a painting that I did a while back from a photo that a friend’s young son had taken.


Along with this season’s wallpaper download, I’ve also included a Facebook cover pic as well!


Download your  Fall Wallpaper’s Here!

And, don’t forget your Facebook cover!

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