Grocery List and Bonus Project

Finally! I’ve picked up my pens and paints and started doing some sketching again. I’m working on lots of different things to share over the next few months. To start with I’ve put together a printable grocery list. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I love the longer narrow ones you can get almost anywhere but there’s never enough room for notes, etc. So, I created my own to use with a mini-sized clipboard. And, as a bonus I’m including a quicky project for a matching pencil!

Simply download the printable PDF onto regular copy paper, cut, trim, and mount on your clip board! You can print as many as you like.

Download printable PDF here!!

And now for the pencil. You’ll want to start with a mechanical pencil (the cheaper plastic ones work best) and your choice of fabric tape (about 1/2 inch wide).


  • 1. Pull (and twist a little) the plastic clip off of your pencil leaving only the portion that attaches to the pencil.
  • 2. Cut your tape at an angle and, beginning at the top, wrap the pencil until you reach the bottom. Use a length of roughly 2 inches (with no angle) to finish the wrap at the bottom of the pencil.
  • 3. Using smaller pieces of the fabric tape, cut into strips, wrap the top of the pencil being sure to cover the tab.
  • 4. To attach to a clip board, tie a length of twine to the top of the pencil (below the tab). Then, knot it and use your decorative tape to tape it in place. Tie the opposite end to the top of the clipboard.

I hope you like your new printable list! Enjoy!!


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