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DIY Shelves

Don’t you love it when you’ve been thinking about finishing a project for so long and you FINALLY get to show it to someone? I’m so excited to share an update on my TV Wall. I’ve finally gotten the shelves finished and in place. Here are the inspiration shelves from the original post:

A -TV wall inspiration shelves

These shelves from Ballard design  and are $499 each. My DIY shelves came from Ikea and are much less expensive. (I’ll include a price breakdown in the how-to post to follow.)

Here are the Ikea shelves I started with:

Ikea Shelves- before

These were only $14.99 each but they weren’t very sturdy, and they also weren’t nearly tall enough. So, I devised a plan to fix those issues but also to upgrade the overall look! I started by painting them a flat black. Then I added wooden shelves that I stained and finished with beeswax. And, finally, I added a base made from pallet wood, to add stability and height to the overall shelves. As an added bonus I’m finally able to hide that hideous pile of wires under the base!

      Upgraded Shelves- detail

I do think I’m going to need to give the TV chest a makeover soon to help everything tie-together a bit better.

The entire project was quite a long process so I’ll be sharing a complete how-to a bit later.


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