Rolling trash-can

Ok, I know you can purchase a ready made rolling trash-can. (G reminded me of that quite often throughout this process since he was my designated helper for this one.) I just had a really specific idea in mind for what I wanted. I wanted something that would fit just about anywhere in the kitchen and would fit in with the overall look. To be honest, I was a little worried that this one wouldn’t work as well as it did in my head but it did!! And I’m so glad I have it now. I can slide it with my feet when my hands are full and easily slide it back into place when I’m done! Not to mention, it has a nice, simple look to fit with my nice, simple kitchen.


Start off by drilling holes in the bottom of your can. I drilled the first 4 in a diamond pattern on the inside (this will be to attach the wooden piece) and the second 4, also in a diamond pattern. on the outside edges to vent your can. This helps your bag settle in better.

Then, center your wood piece and tape it down to keep it from shifting while you attach the casters. My board was cut down to 7×11 to fit inside the little “rim” pieces on the bottom corners of my trash can. If you choose a different can you may want to alter this a bit. I mostly just didn’t want the wood to show.

Use the inside 4 holes to attach the wooden piece, from the inside of the can (use wood screws). Use a caster to mark the drill holes on the outside 4 corners of your wood piece and drill pilot holes. Use pilot holes to attach your casters. They should come with appropriate screws. If not, use wood screws.

Now you have the perfect trash can for your kitchen!

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