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Decadent Mac & Cheese

One of the first dishes I learned to make from scratch was my Grandmother’s macaroni and cheese.  We wereView full post »


Laundry Room Storage Ideas

I’ve planning (more like plotting) a laundry room update for a while now. So, I’ve been scouring theView full post »


Monogram Pillow

I know, silly right? I found this adorable traffic fabric at the Lobby and snatched it up not even where I would use itView full post »


New Window Panes

Ok, this may be more of a do as I say, not do as I do tutorial.  I started off by opening the large window in the backView full post »


Snow Day

I usually feel like snow/ice days like this come at the worst times. But when I have an unexpected opportunity toView full post »


Making Lemonade

This is all about being stuck with a pair of ugly old lemons and making lemonade, Or something like that . . . Do youView full post »


Dining Room Shelves

I’ve never been much of a “formal” dining room kind of girl. But I’m not quite sure how I wantView full post »


Valentine’s Red For All Year

I’ve had more fun decorating for Valentine’s and reading about all of the adorable projects, ideas, andView full post »


Conquer Your Cabinets

My relationship with my kitchen has been a bit of a love/hate situation since long before the reno. Keeping the cabinetsView full post »


Bunting Pillow How-to

Here’s the How-To for the bunting pillow from earlier this week. Start off by cutting and sewing your buntingView full post »


Bunting Pillow

We don’t commonly decorate for every holiday around here. Although I wish we sort-of would. This is a bit of aView full post »


Golden Elephant

I’ve had the most fun putting together this project. But, I honestly feel like it needs one more detail. Color!View full post »


Love letters . . .

Are you planning to create your own Valentines? Or, putting together a little Valentine’s Day get together and inView full post »


Saturday Style - Living Room

I’ve been working away on our living room update but I still have 3-4 weeks to go. Still looking for ideas andView full post »


DIY Doorknob Backplate

When we were working on the kitchen, I wanted our pantry doors to be more like French doors. So, our contractor took aView full post »


Valentine’s Day wreath

Doesn’t it seem like we just finished Christmas? And we’re already looking at February, Yikes! I’veView full post »


Cookie Love

Growing up I always dreamed that I would be a Mom like June Cleaver, Marion Cunningham, or Carol Brady (well, Alice atView full post »


Goin’ Shopping

Every time I go to the grocery store and come out with a heap of plastic bags I grumble all the way home about it. We reView full post »


Craft Your Own Passion

If you follow me on social media you already know this but, in my it’s-time-to-upgrade-the-living-room frenzy, IView full post »


Pillow Rosettes

I love, love, love the shades of white, cottage chic, clean and simple trend.  (Think Joanna Gaines or Sarah RichardsonView full post »


Gallery Wall

So, this is where I started last year . . . I know, not horrible, but not so exciting either.  It took lots of paintView full post »


Winter Warm-Up

Being completely honest, I really don’t mind being 43. And I really don’t think my friends who are my ageView full post »



So now for the shadowbox from Tuesday’s butterfly project. I’m planning to add more butterflies to my littleView full post »


Mounted Butterfly

This may seem like an odd project but I really love the feel of nature inside the house. I’ve been seeing a lot ofView full post »

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