Bunting Pillow

We don’t commonly decorate for every holiday around here. Although I wish we sort-of would. This is a bit of a mission for me. I’ve been working on pillows for the living room around the same time I’ve been trying to come up with Valentines projects for the blog. And it hit me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a decoration that was easy to change from season to season? I had planned to put together a “bunting” pillow for the living room anyway so this was a no-brainer. The bunting is simply tied on and the buntings can be changed to match the holiday! Cute! Here’s my Valentines version:

Cute, right?! And, it’s a great to use all those leftover fabric scraps. So far, Ashley hasn’t noticed it’s potential as a cat toy, fingers crossed. Check back this weekend for a complete tutorial!

I believe I’m going to go put together some more Valentine’s decorations! I don’t get to have my house this girly very often!

Here’s the tutorial!

We’re partying at Wow Us Wednesday!

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