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Craft Your Own Passion

If you follow me on social media you already know this but, in my it’s-time-to-upgrade-the-living-room frenzy, I made a kitty bed for Ashley. I’m planning on a more elaborate project to add it to a frame with cute legs, etc. But I wanted to start with a simple pillow. She loved it!

For about 20 minutes, then this . . . grrrrr.

She hasn’t been near it since. As a crafter/DIY-er/maker do you ever feel like some people look at you like you’re from another planet? Since re-launching my blog as more of a companion to my creative side, that side of me has been in over-drive. I’m in heaven but the Hubbs and G go from thinking it’s funny to being a little nervous. (Let’s face it, not all projects can be accomplished without a helping hand.) Neither of them gets very excited about working on my home projects but they are really supportive and fairly complementary of the finished projects. But sometimes, you run into that person that cannot see the value in a handmade project or gift.

Do you ever spend hours or days on a project only to have someone look at your masterpiece and say, “Why?” Baffling, right? Don’t let it stop you or slow you down. This is part of who you are and they don’t understand it. To be honest everyone has something that they are passionate about that totally baffles the rest of us.

I think crafting went through a bit of a rough phase in the 70’s and 80’s. Think -kitchy, blehck! But, with the advent of Etsy, Pinterest, and an amazing array of DIY blogs this is our time folks!

Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t get your passion, they don’t don’t have too. Keep on craftin’, keep learning new techniques, keep collecting your tools and supplies, keep scouring Pinterest for new projects. And call your BCF (best crafting friend) to get your DIY on!

Me, I’m off to have a talk with Ashley about her new bed and I may or may not take a roll of duct tape with me.

Coming next week: I’ll be adding to the gallery wall and working on more upgrade-the-living room projects!


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