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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers


Don’t you absolutely love this time of year when winter has finally started to retreat and the world starts to brighten up all around us? I know that gardening can be sort of an acquired taste and sometimes a futile effort but I love it! Well, when I have time that is.  (I finally found a Persian Buttercup to enjoy this year! They really prefer the chill but hopefully I can convince her to hang around a while.)


Persian Buttercup - Ranunculus


Part of the pay-off of the DIY process is the instant gratification from the finished product. I love spending a sunny afternoon digging in the dirt.  The difference is, when you finish a planting project that’s usually the beginning of the pay-off. You have to be patient and wait for vines to creep and blooms to burst into glory. (You can’t beat a purple Pansy, I found these looking quite sad in the big box hardware store for $1 each! They perked right up as soon as I planted them!)




And then there are the bulbs and perennials that you wait for in the spring to come back around like old friends for a visit. (Liriope is such a sweet, understated flower that is only too happy to play a supporting role until my Tulips decide to make their big entrance. In my yard bulbs always get planted in pots as an added layer of security from local varmints, lol!)



Liriope Muscari
















It is a wonderful feeling to walk outside after a week of rainy days and see you little plants begin to smile and grow. It’s the springtime version of finding lost money in a pocket when you pull out a jacket for fall weather.  (It seems so funny to get so excited about a small pile of sticks a few tiny little green leaves but I watch for them every spring. It’s the first signs of my beautiful hydrangeas!)




I can’t wait for it to warm up just a bit more so I can get started on my garden projects for this year! Can you? I’d love to know what you have planned! Feel free to share your photos and ideas on my Facebook page!


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