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Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.  -Ladybird Johnson

In honor of Earth Day and going green I thought I’d share some pics of our ride home from school.  When we decided to move out of town I was a bit wary but the schools here are wonderful so that made the decision for me. We live in an area that is quickly growing and developing. I can’t help but think about what we might be losing in the process. So, I try to subtly point out the animals and beautiful country around us every day on our way home. Believe me that’s a tough job with a teen. But, hopefully, one day he will see how important preserving all of this is.

Going green can be an overwhelming prospect. In our family, we’re trying to go green as we work on home renovations and as other things come up. If we can all make an effort to preserve the world immediately around us, just think how much we can accomplish. Start with small, simple things and work your way forward.

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Slowly Going Green - One Small Step at a Time

  • Recycle/Up-cycle - This seems fairly obvious but for some it takes more effort than you might imagine. But it can also be more than paper and plastics. Up-cycling can be more of a fun challenge by remaking your “trash” into new and wonderful treasures. You’ll want to check into your areas options for proper recycling of hazardous waste (construction materials, chemicals, computer components, etc.)
  • Reduce Energy Consumption - This is a great way to save green as much as go green. A simple way to start would be to begin using a programmable thermostat and be sure you have it programmed properly. Living just a degree or two cooler in the winter and a degree or two warmer in the summer can make a huge difference to your power bill. You might also check into the tax credits your state offers and then look into adding things such as solar panels.
  • Support Your Local Farmers - You can even farm your own. Full-disclosure, I’ve always felt like I had a fairly green thumb but two summer ago I learned that did not extend to a vegetable garden. However, I highly recommend at least trying your hand on the smallest scale. Buying from our local farmer’s market not only supports local families but I also feel like I learn so much about what I’m eating from the farmer that owns it. Not to mention reducing the energy used to transport food from across the country and around the world.

These are just a few small ways to get started this year. Start now and see how much you save!

For more green information:

What sort of green, up-cycling projects have you done? (Don’t forget pallet projects count!)

Have a lovely day! See you soon!

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