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Fireflies at Sunset

Imagine beginning your wedding as friends and family come together with the sun sets softly over rambling hills.  The ceremony ends with you and your true love saying “I Do” as dusk settles in around you and fireflies gather to celebrate the rest of your life.

Fireflies at Sunset

left to right & top to bottom
1. Lantern Release - Jordan Weiland  2. Kate Harrison Photography -Tomales Bay 3. Dana Power Barn Venue
4. Terrain  5. White Tulips - Kelley Invitation Suite
6. Bride’s Cafe  7. Miso Bakes


Ebony and Bisque

A classic palette of black and white, whether seen in shades of ebony, charcoal, ivory or bisque, can bring your event a level of sophistication not seen in any other combination of colors.  It can bring day-dreams of romantic elopement under the Eiffel tower, bunches of white hydrangeas, tulips and ranunculus, and vintage haute couture.

black and white

left to right & top to bottom
1.Christian Dior, Fall 1957   2.Dolly Pearl ‘Margeaux’ dress  3.This is Glamorous  4. Maliposha Clothes    5.Archive Rentals
6.Happy Hills Cakes  7.Plumes & Pearls   8.One and Only Paris
9.Elegant Rentals  10. White Tulips - Harper invitation suite


Back to School!

Well folks it’s that time of year again. Can you smell the freshly sharpened pencils and reams of new paper? I have a newly minted 7th grader (ergh!) Which means, even the slightest hint of “Mommy” may send me to the dog-house until Christmas break. It’s “Mom” only, at least in public, for the foreseeable future. No more kisses in public and hugs are kept to a bare minimum.

When G was in elementary school I loved the reaction he gave me when I slipped a little note or special treat into his lunchbox in the middle of the day. So, if you’ll indulge me, I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic for the e-school days this week and I created a small selection of printable lunch-box notes for you to use this year.

Simply download the printable PDF file here, print, and cut out. Print to your heart’s content!

Printable Lunchbox Love Notes!

Coming up next week . . .  more inspirations boards, baby-style! Are you planning a baby shower or nursery? White Tulips will be featuring baby inspiration alongside our wedding and events.

Have a great weekend!

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Vintage Garden

For some reason, when Pantone announced “Emerald” as the color of the year I imaged a vibrant Iris purple as her BFF! Is it weird I think of colors that way?

Any-who . . . I am a confessed Downton Addict and when it FINALLY became apparent that Mary and Matthew would be getting hitched I was inspired to design a wedding suite that I thought she might choose for her big day.  I worked on all of the painted pieces while re-watching seasons 1 & 2 (my husband was thrilled, LOL!) If you’re a Downton fan, you may also find it interesting that I named the suite “Lavinia”. Don’t worry, I feel a “Mary” coming on soon!

So, without any further ado, enjoy some Vintage Garden wedding inspiration . . .

left to right & top to bottom
1. This is Glamorous  2. Lavinia Menu (coming soon!)  3. Downton Abbey
4. Flowerwild - Gia Canali  5. Martha Stewart Weddings  6. Kate Spade  7. Lavinia envelope
8. Tempting Cake   9. Archive Rentals 10. Etsy

Grand Old South

This week, I’m completely inspired by Spanish moss and (slightly tarnished) vintage silver. Since we’re located right in the heart of the South it seems only appropriate to have a post with Southern flair, southern locations, and southern vendors! P.S. If you fancy yourself a Southern Belle (or Belle -in-training) you must grab a copy of the Southern Belle primer (as quick as you can!) It’s a hoot & a half! Thanks, y’all!


left to right & top to bottom
1.  Azalea Inn  2. Brett Heidebrecht Photography/Mori Lee  3.  Thisisglamorous.com
4.Chris Newman Photography   5.Sarah Hinds Photography  & White Tulips   6. Southern Belle Primer 
7.  Donna Von Bruening Photography   8. Two Delighted





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