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Vintage Garden

For some reason, when Pantone announced “Emerald” as the color of the year I imaged a vibrant Iris purple as her BFF! Is it weird I think of colors that way?

Any-who . . . I am a confessed Downton Addict and when it FINALLY became apparent that Mary and Matthew would be getting hitched I was inspired to design a wedding suite that I thought she might choose for her big day.  I worked on all of the painted pieces while re-watching seasons 1 & 2 (my husband was thrilled, LOL!) If you’re a Downton fan, you may also find it interesting that I named the suite “Lavinia”. Don’t worry, I feel a “Mary” coming on soon!

So, without any further ado, enjoy some Vintage Garden wedding inspiration . . .

left to right & top to bottom
1. This is Glamorous  2. Lavinia Menu (coming soon!)  3. Downton Abbey
4. Flowerwild - Gia Canali  5. Martha Stewart Weddings  6. Kate Spade  7. Lavinia envelope
8. Tempting Cake   9. Archive Rentals 10. Etsy

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