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Quick Fix - Designer Paper

Confession time, I have a bit of an addiction to designer papers. We won’t discuss how pricey these beautiful sheets of happy are, or the fact that when I purchase them I rarely have any idea what I’ll use them for. (Much like my random fabrics collection.) I may need an intervention soon. Any-whoo, when I was putting the final touches on my home office corner I thought it would be a nice spot to display some of my collection.

Paper Keeper

You don’t want to add tape or clips to this paper as it can cause damage.  So, I had seen some ideas on Pinterest and put together an idea that works a bit better for me.

Paper Keeper 1

1. Collect a few toilet paper rolls/tubes and 1 paper towel (or wrapping paper) roll for each sheet of paper.

2. Slice toilet paper rolls down the center and divide into 3 bands.

3. Carefully roll your paper sheet around the longer cardboard tube, keeping the tube centered.

4. Place your toilet paper band around the waist of your rolled paper. Hold in place with washi tape or other masking tape.

Paper Keeper 2

Are you on the hunt for some amazing designer papers? Here are some of my favorite shops:


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