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Photo by: Carol Ann Burns at Foxbrier Farm

Up until this week, we’ve had a glorious fall in the upstate of South Carolina. The colors of the leaves this year are extremely brilliant. My roses and a hardy red geranium were still blooming in my yard 2 days ago. Our November mornings and nights have been cool and the mid-days are brisk and breezy. Last week, we had a huge yellow-orange harvest moon. A few of the straggler Canadian geese are flying overhead in V formation. All of this makes me happy that I live in a place that has such distinct seasons.

If you don’t live in the upstate, come for a weekend and spend time outside. We are in a beautiful sliver of the Carolinas that is tucked snugly below the Blue Ridge mountains and within a comfortable driving distance of the beach. Listen for the leaves crunching under your feet, and don’t forget to smell the roses that are still blooming with a lovely scent.

To learn more about the South Carolina Upstate area check this out!

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