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Apricot note cards

As promised, here is a set of printable note cards to coordinate with the Apricot Flowers design.

Simply download the printable PDF and print to your hearts content. (Page 2 can be printed as a backside to your note cards).

Apricot Flowers free download


Purchase matching announcement here.


Free Printable PDF



Apricot Flowers Announcement

As the mother of a middle-school boy I get pretty excited when I get to design “girly” things! So, when I started working out designs for my new watercolor baby announcements and invitations this little pink beauty was actually the first.

Apricot Flowers is designed to be printed front and back (although you don’t have too) and you can use it as an invitation as well!  She’s available for sale through my Etsy shop as a DIY printable so I thought I would make things a little easier by giving a quick tutorial to use PicMonkey to create your announcement with a picture of your new precious bundle of joy!

Come by tomorrow for a free set of matching thank you notes!



PicMonkey Printable tutorial:

1. Go to PicMonkey.com (no sign up required)

2. Choose your size (A7 is a standard 5×7 size)

3. Choose the “Open” drop-down menu and choose where to select your photo from.

4.  Find your picture and choose either “Jack” or “Bubbles” for your placement and click “Save”

5. If needed, crop your photo to desired size.

6. Now, on the far left of your screen, select the butterfly icon (Overlay).

7. When pop-up opens, select “Your Own” and open the frame file that you’ve purchased and downloaded.

8. Right-click on the frame and select “Original Size” from the drop-down menu.

9. Click in the area outside of your work and the pop-ups will disappear. At this point, you can add text by selecting the “Tt” in the left-side toolbar and create your textbox by selecting “Add“Text”.

10. Save to your computer.  This file can be used to print on your computer or through a printing service.

*You can now select “Share” to send out via email, Facebook, etc.


Happy Printing!


Liners - properly affixed

Lining envelopes is fairly simple but with all simple things a few tips and tricks don’t hurt. When lining envelopes you want to be sure you have tools that are easy for you to work with and keep your liners consistent.  My fav tools for this project are not a hard and fast rule but after lining literally hundreds of envelopes these work best for me.



          -something that is easy for you to hold onto and control is best. 
           Options: the Lobby & Miss J. My personal fav is the TomBow  -Permanent Adhesive

Bone folder
          -if you’ve ever wondered what they are for, here ya go. (You really don’t want to use
           the back of a pen for this one.)  A cheap one works just fine!

          -a clear, thin one works best so you can see what you’re doing. Again, cheap is fine.

Liner Pic 1

1. On the back-side of your liner run a continuous line of tape along the outer edge from the “flap” tip to the bend one each side. You don’t want to apply adhesive to the lower area of the liner at all.

2. Carefully slide the liner into the envelope without letting the adhesive touch. Once it’s fitted into the bottom, use your finger to ease the top pf the liner into place and press the adhesive exactly where you want it to stay.

Liner Pic 2

3. Use your ruler to line up with the bend from the envelope.

4. Take your bone folder (at an angle to your work surface) and crease along the existing bend in the envelope. This will force your liner to bend with the envelope no matter often it’s opened.

5. For extra measure, I re-crease without the ruler to enforce the fold.

Ta-Da! And you’re on to the next one. Once you’ve worked through a few of these you’ll find a rhythm and things will speed up a lot.


Good luck, and have fun!

Courage to grow

Happy Sunday morning!

As you start this new week think about how far you’ve come in your life.  You’ve accomplished so much and achieved so many goals but are you truly passionate about the destination you are headed for?  Maybe it’s time to pull out your life’s map and head for a more fulfilling destination.

On that note, friends, have a wonderful week and ponder the possibilities! See you soon!


Courage_Jan 2014

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