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Quick Garden Spruce Up

The last two weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden getting things spruced up, adding mulch and fertilizer, checking to see who made through the winter and adding in some “annual” color.

Tour - 7


Last year I ordered a peony through our landscaper and I’ve been watching him emerge from the ground with utter amazement. I didn’t realize he would die back so far and I really thought I’d lost him. The first pic is from a few weeks age and the second is from today!


Tour -Peony 1                                           Tour -Peony 2

Since I started the garden spruce-up I do a little tour to see how everyone’s doing and watching all of my perennials wake up. I think this may be the year that my hydrangeas really make show. (Fingers crossed!) And, we’ve decided to add some new azaleas to fill in different corners of the yard. I’ve always wanted to have giant ones like my Grandmother had in her yard when I was growing up. I swear they were as big as a Volkswagen. So today I thought I share some of my favorites and let you join me on my daily garden tour! 


Tour - 3                                                      Tour - 2


Tour - 5


Tour - 6                 Tour - 4


Here are some of my favorite perennials and annuals. If you are new to gardening and uncomfortable about getting started try container gardening. If your plants don’t fair well (or you change your mind about where you out them) you can’t rearrange your whole garden! I still like to use pots to give some height to lower growing flowers. Be sure to check the USDA plant hardiness zone map before you start purchasing any plants.

Perennials can be sort of pricey to fill your entire garden with so I like to add a few more each year. It also give me chance to get and idea which work better and where. To avoid losing any, be sure to check whether your plants are full sun, part sun, or shade lovers, what type of soil they prefer and how much water/fertilizer they require before you plant.


Collection of  Reliable Perennials:

Salvia               Liriope

Hydrangea               Astilbe

Salvia, Lantana, Liriope, Phlox, Hydrangea, Echinacea (Cone Flower), Peony, Astilbe & Lavender

Annuals provide a splash of color that will fade (and die) at the end of the season. Some will die in late summer and some will go in early fall. (Check your zone for the best idea of when you’ll start to lose them).  However, if you live in warmer climates you may be lucky enough to hang on to your annuals for more than one season. This can sometimes happen if the grower is located relatively close and in the same zone. Don’t count on it but keep that in mind when planning next years plantings. I tend to have great luck getting about 50% of snapdragons to come back for a year or two!


Favorite Annuals to add a Splash of Color!

Geranium                Pansy

Snapdragons                Zinnias

 Geraniums, Begonias, Pansy, Marigolds, Snapdragons, Morning Glory, Zinnias, &  Impatiens


I hope this gives you some great inspiration! Feel free to pop over and share some garden inspiration on my Facebook page!

See you soon!! Have a lovely day!


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